An ‘Apex Legends’ bug is causing crashes for players who pose too much

Maybe don't strike a pose right now

Apex Legends players are being advised to avoid using Epic Poses, as a bug has been causing crashes for players who use them too often.

As spotted by PCGamesN, Respawn Entertainment has identified “an issue with animated Epic Poses which can cause crashes”.

The issue means that using animated epic poses can crash Apex Legends – not just for the player using one, but for everyone else in the lobby.


Addressing the issue, Respawn Entertainment has published an in-game message recommending that players unequip Epic Poses due to the risk of crashing games. This temporary action is being taken until the bug can be fixed properly, with Respawn adding that “a full fix is scheduled for next week”.

Earlier in the month, Respawn Entertainment said the team is looking into balancing within the game’s ranked arenas mode, after players reported being unfairly matched against players with much higher or lower ranks.

“We have some matchmaking and AP improvements in the pipe and will, of course keep updating as we go. I know of one bug at least that we’re investigating and will hopefully have a fix for soon”, said senior designer Robert West.

Apex Legends has also returned the fan-favourite Monsters Within event, a Halloween mode that will run from October 12 to November 2. The event will let players enjoy the Shadow Royale game mode from October 26, which will allow defeated Legends to return to a match in a “shadow-form to exact revenge and help living squadmates”.


In other news, Mojang has announced an outdoorsy revamp to Minecraft with The Wild Update. Slated for a 2022 release, The Wild Update will add frogs and a new swamp biome, as well as the Warden miniboss and Deep Dark biome that was recently delayed “to be as deep, dark and scary as possible”.