An update to ‘Dwarf Fortress’ will simplify the notoriously confusing game

You'll no longer need to "know which arcane buttons to press"

In a video posted yesterday (July 29), Dwarf Fortress creator Tarn Adams showcases an improved AI and other additions to the game.

As described in a recent blog post, the latest development update is “all about efficiency and lots and lots of menus.”

In the video, Adams showcases the updated bins – large folders that encompass very detailed, game-related information – and the ease of which they can be browsed.


As demonstrated, Adams is able to easily see which goods has been delivered on a wagon, and can likewise view his item stockpile in multiple neatly segmented categories. Adams further shows that each bin can be sorted by value or adjusted with various other filters, making the often-overwhelming amount of information much easier to handle.

The video also shows a new unit screen, which will allow players to manage their populace with less difficulty. As demonstrated, Adams quickly identifies that one of his citizens is feeling stressed, and is able to quickly use the data given to rectify the situation.

Work orders will also allow for more specific instructions to be given to citizens. After browsing to the screen, Adams requests that his carpenter builds him a wooden chair and shows that individual work orders can be further customized. Customization options include specifying the amount of product to be built, whether or not the order is a priority and if any in-game conditions should trigger the order.

The update will also include a host of new features such as trade wagons, gem stockpiles and “a microline figurine of a goose”.

Dwarf Fortress is beloved by fans for boasting a near-unmatched level of detail, however the game is admittedly difficult to get into. As Adams says in the video, “You used to have to know which arcane buttons to press to make the right stuff pop up” – but the process should now be “a lot easier” to understand and access.


In other news, the ‘Valheim’ Hearth & Home update is going to add plenty of ways for players to show off their loot.

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