Analogue Pocket will let you save Game Boy Camera photos to a MicroSD card

Analogue pocket, digital camera

An update coming to the Analogue Pocket will let you save any photos you take through the Game Boy Camera to a microSD card.

As reported by Gizmodo, a firmware update is coming to the Analogue Pocket that will let you save Game Boy Camera photos directly to a MicroSD card. The purpose of the MicroSD slot is to allow firmware updates quickly and to share game save files with other players eventually. If you are the kind of person that really likes to go lo-fi with your photography, this will make things a lot easier. However, no specific timeline for releasing version 1.1 of the software has been shared.

Analogue Pocket in Black and White
Analogue Pocket. Credit: Analogue


The Game Boy Camera was first released in 1998. It was far from the best camera on the market, harbouring a 128×128-pixel CMOS sensor. There was no colour option either; everything you took was in greyscale. The cartridge could also only store 30 photos on it, meaning you would have to delete some if you wanted to take any more.

If you wanted to keep your photos permanently, you would need to separately buy a Game Boy Camera Printer, which used the kind of thermal printing method you’d find in a credit card machine. But considering the paper used for the Game Boy Printer was proprietary, saving them directly to a microSD card will save a lot of hassle.

The Analogue Pocket has started shipping out to customers, but you are out of luck if you recently decided to get one. Currently, pre-orders will have you waiting until 2023 to pick one up, and you’ll be charged roughly £165 upon ordering one.

In other news, EA apparently axed a Harry Potter MMO because they didn’t think the IP had much longevity.

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