‘Animal Crossing’ Direct showcase coming next week

Tune in to find out what’s coming to New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting its very own Direct showcase next week on October 15 – the same date as Brewster’s birthday.

After revealing the Animal Crossing showcase during September’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has confirmed a time and date.

The upcoming Animal Crossing Direct will go live at 3pm UK time on October 15 – no co-incidence that this is also Brewster’s birthday.


The full Animal Crossing Direct will go live on Nintendo’s YouTube channel.

Nintendo has already confirmed that Brewster and The Roost café will be returning to Animal Crossing: New Horizons – accessible from within the museum. In previous games, Brewster historically worked alongside Blathers in the museum but was given a coffee shop of his own in New Horizons. However, new images teasing his return hint that The Roost will be back where it was during Wild World and City Folk.

But what else will be revealed during the live showcase remains to be seen. The upcoming Animal Crossing Direct will last around 20 minutes, with fans expecting content announcements for the coming month.

The last substantial content update to New Horizons came in March 2021. Since then, we’ve only seen holiday celebrations, limited-time items in Nook Shopping, and general maintenance updates. But Nintendo acknowledged the lack of new content back in July, promising more content updates coming this November.

Despite the lack of content updates, jewellery brand Pandora recently launched its island in the game, allowing fans to visit and obtain custom-designed clothing items.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most successful Animal Crossing game to date, selling over 33 million copies since its release on Nintendo Switch in March 2020.

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