Anime streaming platform Crunchyroll is now on the Nintendo Switch

A 14 day Premium trial is also available

Crunchyroll – a subscription service for streaming anime shows and movies – is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

The service can be downloaded on the eShop right now, and it features over 1,000 titles in different languages. A Premium subscription to the service allows for no advertisements, the addition of new episodes just one hour after Japan, and offline viewing.

Crunchyroll recommends that a microSD card should be used when downloading anime to stream in offline mode, as the files are quite large. Users can also try the Premium subscription free for 14 days, but there are also different payment options, with the most expensive subscription is currently £7.99 (£79.99 for a year), whilst a cheaper version is £6.50 a month with no offline viewing.


The anime streaming service was also available on the Wii U, although the eShop for that console – alongside the 3DS – will close in 2023 and users will no longer be able to use them, although previously purchased content will still be accessible for users that already own them.

Last year a Shenmue anime was announced for Crunchyroll, and the series started its run of episodes earlier this month on February 5.

Shenmue The Animation
Shenmue The Animation. Image credit: Crunchyroll / Adult Swim

Crunchyroll thus joins YouTube, Twitch and Pokémon TV on the service in Europe, five years after the Nintendo Switch launched.

In other Nintendo news, a video game preservation organisation has said that the company needs to rethink its approach – along with other ESA members – to how it allows older games to be experienced.


“As a paying member of the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), Nintendo actively funds lobbying that prevents even libraries from being able to provide legal access to these games,” said the Video Game History Foundation.

“Not providing commercial access is understandable, but preventing institutional work to preserve these titles on top of that is actively destructive to video game history.”

Elsewhere, Square Enix has confirmed that Final Fantasy 6 Pixel Remaster will include proper suplex technique.