Annual ‘Warframe’ fan convention planned as a digital event for July

The event will be free to stream

Warframe‘s annual fan convention TennoCon will be going ahead this year as a digital event on Saturday July 17.

TennoCon 2021 is Warframe‘s main community event. It features a mix of game announcements, community activities for Digital Extremes‘ free-to-play looter shooter.

The event, which will feature developer panels alongside community art shows, and cosplay contests, will be free to watch online for anyone.


The event went digital last year due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, and it will remain that way this year.

Digital Extremes has also put together two exclusive content packs that Warframe fans can buy to celebrate the event.

The first, a digital only pack for £16.99 ($24.99USD), includes 475 Platinum (an in-game currency) as well as exclusive TennoCon cosmetics, such as an Amour Set, Emote, and Ship Display.

The second, a merch pack priced at £32 ($44.99 USD), aims to replicate the goodie bags that convention goers would receive, including a TennoCon 2021 T-shirt, pin, lanyard and charm and an event badge, all of which have been designed by artist Dan Mumford.

50 percent of all funds raised by the sales of these packs will be donated to the Unity Project for Relief of Homelessness, a charity based in the studio’s hometown of London, Ontario. Links to the packs are available on the official Warframe site.


Warframe‘s last update, Call of the Tempestarii, was released on April 13. The update introduced a new frame for players to use: the ghostly Sevagooth.

The melee-focussed frame gave players the ability to fight as a shadow on death, letting them resurrect their frame if they got enough kills.

Railjacks, also received multiple updates in order to bring them in line with the game’s core progression loops. Railjacks – spaceships that players can pilot in combat missions – are now able to be piloted solo with the help of NPCs, and Railjack missions also have a chance of giving players Warframe relics.