‘Apex Legends’ accidentally shows off new character Vantage

An imminent Stories from the Outlands episode is expected to officially announce them

Apex Legends may have accidentally revealed a new character earlier than intended, as Respawn Entertainment showed a preview for an upcoming “Stories from the Outland” episode.

Showing in the Apex client itself, the preview features a character with dark shoulder length hair, wearing a headset, with black smudges on their face. They were shown only briefly, as Respawn Entertainment quickly removed it from the game, but eagle-eyed fans on Reddit are already discussing the meaning of this sneak peek.

This one just show on Apex from ApexUncovered


The caption for the preview read: “There’s a new instalment of the Stories from the Outlands! Watch Survive and meet the new Legend joining the Games in Apex Legends: Hunted, coming August 9!” Fans spotted that a further caption said she was “one of two people on her planet” meaning it’s unlikely this new addition is part of the “Nordic” characters.

Since then, the official Apex Legends Twitter account posted a short teaser including a voice. It was captioned “Distress transmission incoming …” and heavily hints towards the imminent arrival of a new character.

Stories from the Outlands are a series of animated featurettes centered around the lore of Apex Legends, also known as Lore trailers. An episode is released before the start of each season which introduces the next Legend being added to the game.

The character shown in the accidental post closely resembles Vantage, a new Legend who was part of a massive Apex leak in March. Fellow hero Newcastle also had her model leaked, and was introduced in Season 13. Also included in the same leak were nine legends, five weapons and some Heirlooms for Crypto and Valkyrie, which were later released, adding authenticity to the rest of the information.

Respawn has since announced the premier of the next Stories from the Outlands for later today (July 25) at 4PM.


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