‘Apex Legends’ attackers are allegedly the ones hacking ‘Titanfall’

The hacks were reportedly an attempt to revive Titanfall Online

Savetitanfall.com has released a document suggesting that those behind the Apex Legends hack are the ones hacking Titanfall.

Last month Apex Legends was hit by a hack that caused lobbies to misbehave and send messages to players promoting the website savetitanfall.com. The website aimed to highlight the huge hacking problems in the Titanfall games and pleaded with Respawn to fix it.

It now appears that the ones who deployed the Apex hack were the ones who had hacked Titanfall, causing the problems in the first place. They supposedly deployed the message to bring attention to the Titanfall problems to revive a cancelled Titanfall Online.


Titanfall Online was supposed to be a free-to-play title for the Asian markets, but when it was cancelled, users aimed to finish the project themselves. One user was p0358, who allegedly started to hack the Titanfall games to then offer fixes to Respawn in exchange for the Titanfall source code they needed to finish the online spin-off.

This information was provided by the owners of savetitanfall.com, who have released a document alongside a folder of evidence. This claims that members of the Remnant Fleet Discord – a community group – were involved in the planning and features Discord messages, emails, texts, and Twitter threads.

Since this report was released, users named in the documents, RedShield and p0358, have denied the accusations. In a Discord message that was screenshotted and posted on Reddit, RedShield said: “I’d like to let everyone know that we’re not behind Titanfall 1 attacks, Titanfall 2 attacks, Apex Legends attacks.”

User p0358 posted on Twitter, saying, “I did everything I could to save Titanfalls. And now a bunch of liars is persuading the community that I am the very person I fought against, claiming that I am responsible for any Titanfall or Apex attacks. I am not.”


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