‘Apex Legends’ Defiance trailer shows the fall of Olympus

No sign of Gerard Butler, yet.

Respawn Entertainment has released a second trailer ahead of the release of Apex Legends Season 12 that shakes up the Olympus map.

The latest trailer for Apex Legends Season 12, titled Defiance, shows the upcoming Legend Mad Maggie as she is thrown into the Apex games and sentenced to death. However, a mysterious figure is pulling the strings.

As Maggie falls beneath the map Olympus, she finds the unknown man using a console. He tells her that she is “playing her role to perfection” before ejecting her back into the battlefield. It is unknown why the stranger is taking these actions, but he appears to have overloaded the Phase Runner.


The Phase Runner allowed for instant travel across Olympus and played a crucial part in it becoming abandoned. Now, thanks to interference from the stranger, it has teleported the Olympus map above a city, where it is falling to the ground.

The trailer also gives a glimpse at some of the equipment Maggie will use in Apex Legends. It appears that her tactical can create a wall-mounted flame jet to damage foes and can be thrown like Fuse’s grenade.

Maggie was initially revealed in the previous Stories From The Outlands trailer, where it was announced that she would be joining Apex Legends as a playable character. She was slated to be executed by a firing squad before the mysterious man sent her to the Apex games instead.

Respawn recently teased Maggie’s arrival in Apex Legends with debris that would fall from the sky, showing the emblem of Salvo, the homeworld of both Maggie and existing Legend, Fuse. The pair have some history, too, formerly being friends until Maggie blew off Fuse’s arm.


In other news, The Indie Stone is taking “a lot of cues” from GTA RP for the development of Project Zomboid‘s multiplayer.

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