‘Apex Legends’ developer is considering a region lock to combat lag

Respawn may impose restrictions on which servers players can use

Respawn Entertainment is considering implementing a region lock in Apex Legends, as it continues to look for ways of “guaranteeing competitive integrity”.

In a tweet posted by Respawn Entertainment yesterday (December 21), the studio shared that it is “investigating ways of guaranteeing competitive integrity at the highest rank of Apex Legends“.

One of the issues it is investigating is attempting making the game feel fair for players who end up fighting individuals with high ping. A laggy opponent is notoriously difficult to kill, as rubber-banding and desync can make them incredibly unreliable to shoot at as they bounce around the screen.


To that end, Respawn has been testing a “soft region lock” for Master and Predator ranks. A region lock means that players are unable to play on servers located outside of their own home region – for example, a European player would not be able to play on North American servers.

Respawn’s test was conducted over the course of two weeks, and the studio shared its findings – which you can see below.

“We understand that many of you prefer to play on servers outside your region for various reasons, including a concern for cheaters,” reads a follow-up post from Respawn.

“Please know we are continuing to work on addressing these concerns with our game security team and we will continue to evaluate ways to improve the quality of competitive matches in the coming months.”

In other Apex Legends news, Respawn co-founder Char Grenier has left the studio after 11 years. Meanwhile, fellow co-founder Vince Zampella was named as the new head of the Battlefield franchise.


Elsewhere, Call Of Duty developer Treyarch has shared a statement decrying harassment and discrimination, one month after studio head Dan Bunting left in the wake of reported sexual harassment allegations.

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