‘Apex Legends’ developer is “temporarily disabling” Kings Canyon

The map is unavailable due to issues with crashing

Respawn Entertainment has shared that it is “temporarily disabling” Kings Canyon in Apex Legends, as it works to fix an issue that’s causing players to crash during games.

Yesterday (March 14), Respawn Entertainment shared that it is looking into an issue that causes Apex Legends players to receive error messages during matches.

Shortly afterward, the studio (via PCGamesN) added that it is “temporarily disabling Kings Canyon while we continue to work on a fix for this issue.”


According to fans on Twitter, the performance issues are caused when players unlock gold items at the Caustic Treatment location in Kings Canyon.

“It only happens on Kings Canyon when you go to Caustic Treatment and unlock the gold items. After the timer goes off the game will crash,” said one player, who added that they managed to replicate the crash three times in a row.

The same player also provided footage of the crash in action, which you can watch below.

Respawn has not confirmed whether this is the same crash it is working to fix at the moment, however it does seem to line up with what the studio is describing.


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