‘Apex Legends’ developer shares original Gravity Lift idea for Horizon

Horizon's Gravity Lift was almost overpowered

A Respawn Entertainment developer working on Apex Legends has revealed previous plans for the battle royale’s Scottish scientist, Horizon.

In a new Reddit post, Apex Legends’ lead software engineer Chris Winder was recently talking about nerfs and buffs for the game’s roster (via The Loadout).

Winder asked players to reply to the post with a character and he’d reply with a nerf or a buff he would give them. One player requested Horizon, while another – ‘mufasakong’ – suggested a Horizon buff that would allow players to “attach [Gravity Lift] to any surface”.


To this, the developer revealed that Respawn originally planned to have this exact mechanic in Horizon’s ability kit, but it never made the final cut. “We tried this! It was crazy! And unpredictable,” said Winder.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends. Credit: Respawn Entertainment

“And… Not that fun with how varied our maps and terrain are.”

Another player responded, suggesting that it must have been funny, to which Winder replied, “Very, and honestly some of it was pretty fun and opened a lot of cool possibilities.”

Horizon’s Gravity Lift reverses the flow of gravity, therefore lifting players upwards and boosting them outward when they exit. The ability is really helpful for players in situations where they have to get a quick getaway, so the original plan for it would’ve made the Scottish scientist incredibly overpowered.

Apex Legends recently saw its character roster expand with the addition of Mad Maggie, the Rebel Warlord, alongside Season 12 which also added a new limited-time Control mode. With this mode, 18 players face off in two teams of nine to control certain zones. The first team to reach the score limit of 1,250 wins, with each zone earning points every second.


In other news, Gotham Knights might be getting an April launch.

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