‘Apex Legends: Emergence’ patch notes reveal new skins, balance changes and more

See(r) what's coming next for Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has released full patch notes for the upcoming Apex Legends update, which heralds the start of the new season titled Apex Legends: Emergence.

Ahead of the Apex Legends: Emergence update, which arrives tomorrow (August 3), Respawn Entertainment has shared patch notes detailing all the changes that players can expect.

The most notable addition is Seer, a new Legend who is able to locate and track enemies by using advanced microdrones. Seer is joined by the Rampage LMG, a new gun that may have a lower fire rate but compensates with the ability to use thermite grenades as powerful ammunition.


Earlier today (August 2), Respawn Entertainment also uploaded a video showing off all the skins that will arrive with Apex Legends: Emergence. This includes cosmetics for Seer, Horizon and Valkyrie – the latter of which will evolve with an impressive Aerial Evolution once the player reaches level 25.

Apex Legends: Emergence also brings significant changes to World’s Edge, as the land becomes “overmined, overburdened and pushed to its limit”. To try and keep the map stabilized, weather machines have been added – “the Climatizer rapidly cools the surrounding area to subzero temperatures, and a Lava Siphon stabvilizes the Caldera.”

Ranked Arenas will also be added tomorrow – this is a 3v3 PvP game mode where players will be pushed to the limits to earn a higher rank.

In terms of balance, Respawn Entertainment has buffed Legends Fuse, Horizon and Caustic, with a small nerf to Revenant.

Weapon changes arriving with Apex Legends: Emergence include some extra power going into the L-Star, M600 Spitfire, Alternator, 30-30 Repeater and all pistols. Meanwhile, nerfs will be dished out to LMG damage multipliers, the Eva-8 shotgun and Prowler’s burst-fire mode.


The Apex Legends: Emergence update also includes bug fixes and some quality of life additions – for the full list of changes, see the patch notes.

In other news, the August additions to PlayStation Now have been announced, with the lineup packing some new heavy hitters.

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