‘Apex Legends’ may see hefty changes for Gibraltar fans

Tweaks may be coming

Respawn has suggested that Apex Legends may see hefty changes with Gibraltar being altered to be more fun.

In an interview with Dexerto, Apex Legends balance director, John Larson explained the team is considering a “rework for Gibraltar”.

Crucially, the interview suggests that a future update could target Gibraltar’s ‘bubble’ ability. As the interview points out, his Dome of Protection ability gives squads a better chance of survival mid firefight. Larson explains that may change.


Larson believes that many high-ranked grinders and pro players are choosing Gibraltar “out of necessity” even though he is no longer fun to play. Due to the overpowered nature of the character, every trio potentially needs someone to play him. However, the character suffers from long cooldowns.

“Generally,” Larson explained, “using abilities is fun, pressing that button”. As the interview points out though, Gibraltar users miss out on that “fun” dynamic.

Apex Legends
Apex Legends. Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Larson notes that “it’s tough” to know what to do. “A lot of the ideas I see are things like, give bubble health” but he does not think that would work. “That would be way too big of a nerf, especially at the higher levels of the game, and especially in pro play”.

Instead, the team is considering “taking out some of his offensive power” through his ultimate. It’s also looking at how Gibraltar uses his bubble aggressively.

However, while Gibraltar is a popular choice amongst high ranking players, he actually has “less than five per cent play rate”. Larson explains the update may take a while because “it’s a tough sell” nerfing such a character. “What we’re grappling with is how we transition him from a must-pick that no one wants to play, to an enticing pick that’s not as dominant,” Larson notes.


For now, Apex Legends can look forward to season 12 beginning on February 8. Teasers have already been released for the new season. As well as that, a PS5 version of the game could be in the works.

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