‘Apex Legends’ modders add ‘Titanfall’ style wallrunning to the game

Gotta go far too fast

Modders have demonstrated what Apex Legends would look like with Titanfall‘s wallrunning feature added, with content creators showcasing the mod in action.

Yesterday (August 22), content creator Mokey demonstrated a modded version of Apex Legends where players can wallrun, a prominent feature in Respawn Entertainment‘s Titanfall games.


Spotted by PC Gamer, the video – titled ‘Apex but with Titanfall wallrunning’ – showcases a fluid and fast-moving sprint across the map, with Mokey running across various walls across the world to show off the modded feature.

In a follow-up comment, Mokey has clarified that the footage was captured “in a modded version of Apex that is completely separate from the main game” where players cannot access online lobbies.

Despite this, Mokey adds “since it’s not official or endorsed by EA and Respawn and there is an unknown risk of a potential ban, I will not link to it.”

Responding to Mokey’s footage, fans are split on whether or not wallrunning should be an official part of Apex Legends. While many in the comments point out how much wallrunning seems to suit the game, there are plenty who point out how much harder Apex Legends would be if players could move as quickly as demonstrated.

While it didn’t involve wallrunning, earlier in the month an Apex Legends competitive player was able to go from Bronze to Apex Predator rank – the highest in the game – in just 54 hours of play.


During the climb, streamer ‘iiTzTimmy’ received thousands of followers and Twitch subscriptions, and there were points where the stream reached over 105,000 viewers.

In other news, strategy titan Crusader Kings 3 is likely coming to Xbox and Playstation platforms after receiving an official console rating in Taiwan.