‘Apex Legends’ introduces new “Arena” deathmatch mode for season nine

The 3v3 competitive mode will be a permanent fixture

Respawn Entertainment has revealed a new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends season nine, which introduces a new arena mode.

The Legacy trailer introduces the new Arena mode, gives a preview of the abilities of new Legend, Valkyrie, and also gives details on the latest weapon to be added: the Bocek Bow.

The trailer, which also teases story developments for season nine, is available below:


Arena Mode will be a permanent fixture of Apex Legends throughout season nine. The game mode pits teams against each other in a three versus three death match, with no respawns. Matches will be won by the team who reaches three wins, with a two win margin first.

If teams end up in a tie, a final tiebreaker round will play out with sudden death rules in place. Each round will start with a buy phase, which allows players to spend resources from a set pool on weapons and upgrades.

Players can choose to save money on upgrades and weapons to allow them to buy more powerful upgrades, though weapons do not carry on between rounds.

Apex Legends Season 9
Apex Legends season 9. Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Maps for Arena mode will be a mix of custom maps designed exclusively for the mode such as the Party Crasher and Phase Runner, and existing areas plucked from existing Apex Legends.


Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s Edge, and golden Gardens from Olympus will join the two new maps to give players a five-map rotation.

Full information about the new mode is available on Respawn Entertainment’s official blog.

Apex Legends recently surpassed 100million unique players worldwide since its launch on consoles and PC in February 2019.

Respawn shared a celebratory video on the game’s official Twitter account which revealed the news, writing: “100 million strong, and we’re just getting started. Thank you, Legends!”