‘Apex Legends’ player went from Bronze to Apex Predator in 54 hours

The player broadcast the entire process during his 54-hour stream

An Apex Legends competitive player was able to reach the highest rank in the game after spending 54 hours climbing the ladder.

As reported by TheGamer, Twitch streamer ‘iiTzTimmy’ announced on Twitter that in one single stream consisting of 54 hours, he was able to go from Solo Bronze to Apex Predator, the highest possible rank in the game.

“Bro I can’t believe it. One stream,” he said. “My community, friends, family, Aline… Thank you… I really can’t thank ya’ll enough. This honestly means the world to me.”


Apex Predator is the highest competitive rank in the game and is only held by an extremely small percentage of players in the game out of the millions who play.

In the Twitter post, the streamer also shared several screenshots from his Twitch analytics, showing that during the 54-hour stream he reached more than 105,000 viewers and gained thousands of more followers and Twitch subscriptions.

The streamer also previously went from Bronze to Master Rank in one 33-hour stream but was able to beat his personal achievement with an even greater one, with a total competitive rank of 10512 RP, at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, Twitch streamer Pokimane recently shared her battle with burnout due to numerous ongoing projects. Pokimane, who is the biggest female streamer on the platform with 8 million followers, said that she is “burnt out, unlike any other way I’ve been burnt out in the past”.


In other news, the lead game designer on Apex Legends, Daniel Z Klein, has left Respawn Entertainment after a series of offensive blog posts were discovered from 2007.

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