‘Apex Legends’ players are getting trolled by new Gravity Cannons

Wattson go wheeee

Apex Legends Season 11 dropped a week ago today (November 2) and the new Gravity Cannons have been causing havoc for players.

The new season of Apex Legends introduced its new map Storm Point, which is the largest yet for the series. The designer of the map, Rodney Reece, explained that the new map adds a lot more verticality for players to use in the battle royale title.

One of the new set pieces which exploits the added verticality of the map is the new Gravity Cannons which launches legends at high speeds up and across the map when triggered. However, players have been fast discovering that this new movement can be both blessing and a curse.


In a recent Reddit thread, two players of Apex Legends discussed and shared videos of them playing as the legend Wattson. In the clip, both players try to manoeuvre under and around one of the new cannons only to be caught up in its pull and launched out of the enclosing ring and halfway across the map.

It is not clear if Gravity Cannons trigger from below when using other legends or if this is a quirk peculiar to Wattson.

Players have also been exploiting the new method of movement by combining them with Loba’s Burglar’s Best Friend tactical ability. The ability allows Loba to throw her bracelet and teleport instantly to it. When combined with the Gravity Cannons this can create very fast and interesting forms of movement.

Another legend, Valkyrie, is a key player in the new map, exploiting the horizontal over vertical nature of Storm Point. Using her ultimate Skyward Dive ability, she can reposition almost anywhere very quickly. The new map uses far fewer Jump Towers than before as it encourages players to try the new cannons.

In other news, a Reddit user discovers unused concept artwork for a cancelled Batman game, suspected as being a sequel to Rocksteady‘s Batman: Arkham Knight.

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