‘Apex Legends’ season 10 teaser shows off World’s Edge map changes

Gondolas are coming to the battlefield

EA has announced that the season 10 update for Apex Legends will feature an overhaul of  the World’s Edge map.

Apex Legends‘ tenth season, titled Emergence, will release on August 3. The update will alter the World’s Edge map, introducing lighting changes, new pathways and new points of interest.

When the planet harvester landed on World’s Edge in season 4, it also introduced an update to the time of day for the map. This new duskier lightning certainly added to the mood of fighting under the ominous beam of the harvester, but some players missed the crisp blue skies and sharp lighting.


Developer Respawn is making a new change to the map, stating on its site that “the skybox in World’s Edge will showcase a brighter, more neutral time of day with a colder look overall. We heard the community’s feedback, and we wanted to bring back the older lighting of the map while putting our own new twist to it.”

The northern part of the map features some of the more drastic changes. The old point of interest refinery is no more, and in its place is climatizer. This facility has caused a large amount of snowfall in the area and sits on top of a magma filled fissure. This fissure has crept its way across from fragment.

Sadly the train from season 4 of Apex Legends will not return, and most of the tracks appear to have been removed. A new mode of transport will be available, however. Gondolas will be present in the new climatizer and lava siphon locations. These cable cars will allow players to cross exposed magma in relative safety.

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