‘Apex Legends’ Season 12 adds “Control” limited-time mode

The mode will be added when Season 12 starts

The upcoming twelfth season of Apex Legends will add a new limited-time mode called Control.

The mode was revealed in a trailer showing gameplay of the upcoming season. In Control, 18 players face off in two teams of nine, battling over possession of zones. Owning a zone earns a player’s team points every second, and the more zones a team owns, the more points are awarded every second. The first team to reach the score limit of 1,250 wins.

Unlike existing modes in Apex Legends, players will not stay dead if they are defeated in Control. Players will respawn continuously through a match and will have the chance to switch up their Legend and loadout each time they do.


Weapons will be selected in the spawn menu and are sorted into premade loadouts. Each weapon’s optic can be switched to best suit a players style of play. Players will be able to improve their loadouts by earning Rating. This score is acquired by completing actions such as helping teammates and capturing zones. As Rating improves, so does the equipment available.

A post on the website of developer Respawn further details the Timed Events that can happen in Control.

“Sometimes, Timed Events will shake up where the action is,” it explains. “Capture Bonuses will place a one-time point award on a selected zone and start a countdown timer. The team that owns this zone when the timer hits zero will earn a large amount of points. These bonuses concentrate attack/defend gameplay around a valuable zone and shift your attention around the battlefield.”

“Airdrops are opportunities to grab powerful crate weapons to give you a damage output advantage, but watch out because they’ll run out of ammo if you’re too trigger-happy.”

Apex Legends Defiance starts on February 8.


In other news, Sony is buying Destiny 2 developer Bungie for £2.6billion. The acquisition was announced earlier today, and Bungie will operate as an independent subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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