‘Apex Legends’ season 13 introduces “heroic defender” Newcastle

Newcastle is the newcomer on the block

Apex Legends‘ thirteenth season will be kicking off soon, and Respawn Entertainment has revealed the battle royale’s latest hero, Newcastle.

The next major update coming to Apex Legends, called Saviors, will be launching on May 10, bringing with it the “heroic defender” Newcastle, who has a very important connection to Bangalore. Story-wise, Bangalore has been looking for her long-missing brother Jackson Williams, who is revealed to be Newcastle at the end of his reveal trailer.

Newcastle is getting a proper reveal later this week (April 28), but it’s pretty clear from the trailer that he’ll take something of a tank role. Heavily clad in armour, one of his abilities appears to be throwing out a basic forcefield shield which offers a small range of defence.


He can also summon a small shield that he carries, and he can be seen carrying Pathfinder away on his main metal shield.

The main shield he carries around also looks like it can transform into a small barricade, likely Newcastle’s ultimate ability. Whether all of this translates into actual abilities or not does remain to be seen though.

On the Apex Legends official website, Respawn also teased some new features coming with the new season. One feature is an overhaul to the ranked system where players can “rise and fall through the ranks together” as they test their “teamwork and skill.”

There’s also another battle pass coming, and the giant crustacean seen in the trailer above, “The Downed Beast,” also seems to be something players can take down together.


In other news, Activision has lost 50million monthly active users in the last year, as revealed in the financial results for Activision Blizzard. On top of this, Blizzard and King have also lost a large number of users, 5million and 8million respectively.

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