‘Apex Legends’ trailer hints at Escape gameplay reveal

The new season of Apex Legends is coming November 2

Respawn has confirmed that Apex Legends is getting a gameplay reveal for its new season, known as Escape, in just a few days.

A new trailer has appeared for Apex Legends: Escape – the upcoming new season featuring Titanfall 2 character Ash.


“The Legends are taking a vacation and they’re ready for some fun in the sun…or at least, they think they are,” says the video description. “Plan your getaway when Apex Legends: Escape launches November 2.”

Thankfully, you won’t have to wait that long to get a glimpse of its upcoming new gameplay, with a gameplay reveal trailer coming on October 25. This was confirmed today by the latest cinematic teaser.

The video shows our favourite Legends arriving for a vacation on a new island, seemingly known as the Outlands. But things aren’t as they seem, as Mirage’s dream vacay turns into a nightmare amidst a hail of bullets and a menagerie of the island’s most ferocious creatures.

Apex Legends: Escape will also feature the return of Ash – now joining the Legends as a playable character. First appearing as a villain in Titanfall 2, Ash is the next season’s new Legend. Originally known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid, she was a researcher who took part in a heist gone wrong – forced to transfer her consciousness into a robotic simulacrum body.

Unfortunately, we’re yet to see Ash in action, but that’s likely still to come in the upcoming gameplay reveal. And if this new teaser is anything to go by, it would be a safe bet to guess Ash will be packing some pretty impressive abilities.


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