‘Apex Legends’ will receive a ranked Arena mode in Season 10

New Legend incoming too

Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Apex Legends will receive a ranked Arena mode once Season 10 rolls out

As confirmed by Respawn head Vince Zampella during EA Play Live 2021 Spotlight, the newest season of the Titanfall spinoff – expected sometime in early August – will introduce a permanent ranked version of its newest three versus three mode.

A new character (or Legend) is also expected to make its debut at EA Play Live on July 22nd. While no major details were revealed, Respawn game director Chad Grenier did confirm that the new Legend is a “he”.


Hosted by IGN’s Stella Chung, the fireside chat with the developers did reveal some further interesting tidbits about the making of the battle royale. Namely, that Lifeline and Pathfinder the first characters to be created for the game – although Pathfinder was transitioned across after first appearing in Titanfall 2.

Maps in Apex Legends were confirmed to take between one year and 18 months to create, with map changes/updates requiring six months of work. In comparison, a map in Battlefield takes between six to 12 months to develop. Additionally, characters take around one year to 18 months from design to implementation.

The full EA Play Live 2021 Spotlight stream can be watched below in full:

Apex Legends originally released on February 4th, 2019, and has made its way to over 100 million players. The decision to stealth-launch the game itself actually took inspiration from Beyonce and how the artist has previously released albums.


Apex Legends will be looking for some good news after the battle royale was made basically unplayable by hackers who were protesting ongoing Titanfall issues.

Prior to that, Respawn took to Twitter to tell fans how it will be ‘pursuing several options” to stop cheaters in Apex Legends.

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