Apple Music might be coming to PlayStation 5

The next gen console may be getting a new music service

It looks as though Sony may be working with Apple to bring the popular music service, Apple Music, to the PS5.

According to a Reddit user on the Apple Music subreddit, they were recently given an option to download the Apple Music app to their PS5.

“Since when was this a thing????” they asked. “I made a new account on my PS5 and was gonna connect my Spotify but then I see this.”


The user posted a screenshot that appears to confirm that the new app was offered to download directly to their PS5. However, when selecting the “download” option, they were told that “This app is playable only on PS4.”

At the time of writing, the prompt is unavailable on PS5 consoles in the UK, however, Eurogamer was able to replicate the prompt by setting their PS5 region to the US.

Since the feature (and subsequent app download) is not actually usable, it’s likely that Sony is currently testing an Apple Music app and that it’s not ready for general download just yet. Either way, there’s certainly a link to Apple Music somewhere in the backend… and that’s a good indication that it will be coming sooner or later.

It certainly makes sense for Sony to look towards integrating Apple Music into its ecosystem. After all, Sony recently announced a partnership with Apple for its Apple TV+ service – giving PS5 owners six months free access to the service.

It’s also worth noting that Apple has an upcoming event on October 18 where the company is expected to announce a new line of MacBooks. However, Sony and Apple Music fans are already speculating that we could see an official announcement here.


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