‘Arma 3’ update adds Navy SEALs and a new map to Vietnam DLC

The Arma 3 update expands the vast Vietnam-set downloadable content

Bohemia Interactive has released an update for Arma 3’s S.O.G Prairie Fire CDLC (creator downloadable content) that adds U.S. Navy SEALs and a new map.

Arma 3 has been supported with creator DLC developed by third parties with the assistance of Bohemia. The S.O.G Prairie Fire CDLC was released earlier this year and took the 2035-set military simulator back to Vietnam.

A free update to the CDLC adds a new map to the game. The 225km2 terrain called Khe Sanh features several essential locations that were contested during the Vietnam war. The map is filled with thick jungle and small villagers for mission makers to build missions in.


U.S. Navy SEALs also join the war in the update. The new Navy SEAL faction includes 51 new soldier loadouts with nine new uniforms, seven vests, and diving masks for underwater operations.

To support the new faction, new weapons have also been added. The M63A Light Machine Gun is a new support weapon. For close combat situations, players can now use the MPU 9mm submachine gun or the M1A1 Tommy submachine gun, which can be equipped with a drum magazine. The Vietnamese forces also received a new submachine gun in the VZ.61 machine pistol.

In the update, some new vehicles have also come to Arma 3. Four new civilian cars, the Bonn, Rodina, Kupe, and Krabice van, have been added. The van also has a variant that includes a mounted DP-27 machine gun. The US forces also get an alternate version of the M151 truck, which can now be equipped with a TOW missile launcher.

Finally, the update adds four new static weapons. Three of these are heavy naval guns for use in coastal defences. One is a 75mm recoilless rifle camouflaged with netting to assist in Viet Cong ambushes on US armour.


Elsewhere, The Epic Games Store will be adding achievements starting next week. The feature will be available for developers to implement soon.

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