‘Arma’ stream to reveal “the future” of the series next week

The stream may reveal more about the Enfusion engine

Publisher and developer Bohemia Interactive has announced an Arma franchise stream that will be taking place next week. 

Revealed yesterday (May 12), “the future of Arma” event is set to take place on May 17 at 6PM UK time, or 7PM CEST / 12PM CDT. The stream will be airing on the Twitch Arma Platform channel.

Little is known about the event, but Bohemia Interactive did release a slight tease an hour after the stream announcement, as another tweet read: “Proceeding to Waypoint Alpha. Roger, over and out.”


Most think the stream will have some sort of Arma 4 or Enfusion engine tease, with Bohemia Interactive providing some detail on the latter late last year. A website promoting the engine to potential developers read: “Enfusion represents 20 years of experience in game engine development packaged into a powerful toolset.”

Enfusion also promises “believable words” as well as “extensive moldability,” according to Bohemia Interactive.

“A world powered by Enfusion should immerse you completely. Instead of flexing with cutting-edge graphics technology, our focus is on making environments more believable,” continues the website. “That includes everything from proper lighting across day / night cycles to grass and trees moving in the wind or the simulation of stars illuminating a dark sky.”

Arma 3. Credit: Bohemia Interactive

A question and answer section of the website also addressed the potential of Arma 4, which next week’s stream may be revealing.


“We don’t have anything new to share regarding the future of the Arma series, aside from the fact that we will use Enfusion for any potential new Arma game. Follow our social media channels or subscribe to the Bohemia Newsletter to make sure you always get the latest news!”

In other news, Square Enix has said it wants to establish new development studios, soon after announcing it will sell most of its western development arm.

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