‘Art Of Rally’ releases on PS4 and PS5 next month

The racing game drifts onto PlayStation consoles in October

Funselektor LabsArt Of Rally finally launches for PlayStation consoles on October 6. The game has already been released on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Art Of Rally takes the rally driving genre and gives it a new perspective – a top-down style, combined with a stylish art design, provides a unique take on hurtling down dirt tracks. The game releases for PS4 and PS5 next month and comes with the Kenya update that has been out on PC for a while. The PlayStation version also includes four new cars, six new tracks, and a new free-roam area for players to explore.

Art Of Rally is set in the golden age of drifting and features over 50 iconic cars. Vehicles come from the 60s up to the 80s and include group B, group S, and group A cars. There are over 72 stages ranging from Finland, Sardinia, Norway, Japan, Germany, and Kenya.


The game features driving options that can be altered. There are beginner-friendly options and expert modes. The game also features standard rally techniques, including the Scandinavian flick, counter steering, left foot braking, and handbrake turns.

In other PlayStation news, Fall Guys has received a Guinness World Record. The game was given the award for being the most downloaded PS Plus game ever. Mediatonic took to Twitter to announce the news, saying: “Fall Guys has been added into the Guinness World Records as the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time. Shout out to you all for making this possible.”

The title was made available for free for subscribers of Sony’s PlayStation Plus service shortly after its launch in August 2020 and quickly grew in popularity, receiving several significant content updates over the past year.

Elsewhere, Fortnite could be getting a Monopoly crossover, according to datamined files.

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