Artist claims ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ used their glitch effect without permission

The artist claims that Rainbow Six Siege's hacked drones and cameras use their artwork.

A digital artist has alleged that Ubisoft stole their glitch effect artwork for Rainbow Six Siege.

Sam Blye, the digital artist and game developer, shared their work on Twitter in December comparing their glitch effect to the Weather Channel’s overlay, showing that they look similar.

“Hey, uh, I don’t mean to be that guy, but is that my texture that I published with a specifically attribution-noncommercial creative commons license being used specifically for commercial purposes with zero attributions by a company who’s far wealthier than me?” Blye said.


Later on, Blye also went on to reverse image search their work elsewhere and found that their glitch effect has also been used in many more projects, including Rainbow Six Siege.

In the same Twitter thread, the artist shared the images side-by-side, showing Rainbow Six Siege‘s hacked drones and cameras, indicating that the effect is quite similar in design. The following tweet also shows the glitch fading in action, and it’s near-identical.

“Yes, Ubisoft Montreal stole my glitch artwork, ignored my licensing, and put it in their triple-A game without providing me any credit or compensation for my work,” Blye said.

Blye went on to say that they found further examples of it being used in the game, saying, “It’s all over it, used constantly for the signal disruptor effects. @Rainbow6Game tiles my artwork across the screen, no clever glitch effect processing like I do with my independent & contract VFX work. Amazing.”

The lengthy thread supplies more evidence for the claim that Rainbow Six Siege has stolen the artists’ design. Ubisoft has yet to address the accusation of stolen artwork.


In other news, Sega has promised it will avoid NFTs if the community pushes back.

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