‘As Dusk Falls’ studio wants to “attract more people into games”

Developer Interior/Night says it will continue to make narrative games

As Dusk Falls developer Interior/Night has talked about the recent release of its first game, and how the studio wants to continue creating narrative games that push “boundaries” in the industry.

Interior/Night CEO and creative director Caroline Marchal spoke to The Loadout last week (August 5) about how the studio wants to continue making narrative-driven games, and bringing people into the medium in general.

“We’re a narrative studio and we’re going to keep making narrative games that push the boundaries of the medium and really try to attract more people into games,” said Marchal. “We’re all storytellers in the studio, and we love what we’re making.”


That said, the studio behind As Dusk Falls isn’t afraid to innovate and experiment on from its previous work, especially if the game being made warrants new ideas. Production director Charu Desodt said, “innovating within the narrative game space is what it’s all about.”

As Dusk Falls. Credit: Interior Night.
As Dusk Falls. Credit: Interior Night.

Desodt was then asked about potentially incorporating VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality) into future games, to which they replied: “We always start with the script and the story and then we create.

“And this is part of my challenge – we create around the best way to tell that story, the pipelines, and the team that we need. So yeah, depending on what Caroline [Marchal] writes, then I’m up for the challenge.”

Despite being Interior/Night’s first game, Andy Brown had a lot of positive things to say in his four-out-of-five-star NME review: “An intricately plotted story means that most decisions feel consequential, and fantastic writing ekes empathy from the unlikeliest of places. Although the story loses some steam in the latter half, getting to the end of As Dusk Falls will reward players with 100 ‘what if’s’ and an itch to race back to the beginning to do it all over again.”

In other news, the voice actor behind Red Dead Redemption’s protagonist John Marston has expressed interest in working on a remake of Rockstar’s cowboy title.

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