‘Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’ gets River Raids and new abilities in a Title Update

The raids promise to take players to unexplored areas of England

Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla has received Title Update 1.1.2 which includes a new River Raids mode.

River Raids are part of the Yule Season, which began with the Yule Festival in December last year. Details on the new mode are light at the moment, but it promises to take players to unexplored areas of England, with new loot, rewards and challenges.

Amongst the additional changes in the title update are three new abilities. Berserker Trap attaches a trap to your arrow which spreads hallucinatory powder when movement triggers it. Battle Cry causes Eivor to let out a ” blood curdling scream” which boosts their strength whilst interrupting nearby enemy attacks. Finally, Shoulder Bash lets Eivor shove enemies and destroy objects.


New skills to unlock include the ability to automatically carry bodies after assassinations, the ability to slide into enemies whilst sprinting, and a greater chance to find arrows when looting the bodies of archers.

There are also a wide range of quality of life improvements, balance adjustments, user interface tweaks, and bug fixes which are all detailed in the title update patch notes.

Valhalla’s post-launch content was announced in October 2020, with paid content scheduled in the form of major expansion Wrath Of The Druids set for release in Spring 2021, followed by The Siege Of Paris in Summer 2021.

Recently, fans of the series had taken to Reddit to criticise Ubisoft over the addition of what they considered an overwhelming amount of microtransactions to the game.

The bulk of the complaints focused on Ubisoft adding as many armour sets as DLC as there are in the “entire base game” and also on the lack of updates that have been added to Valhalla since launch.