Atlus survey asks about bringing ‘Persona’ series to Xbox, Switch and PC

Players are asked what platforms they'd like to see "a completely new 'Persona 6'" on

This year’s Atlus player survey is asking questions about whether or not users want the Persona series to be brought to other devices like Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile and PC.

The survey, which can be found here, is open to users until later today (May 15) and is being used by Atlus to help the company deliver “compelling gaming experiences” (via NintendoLife).

Most of the questions ask what games players are currently aware of across the industry and what platforms they play on alongside their purchasing habits. Atlus then asks which Persona game was the user’s first experience with the franchise or whether they’ve played the series at all.


The survey also asks what players think makes an Atlus title unique, from things like character designs to “music worth listening to” and an “interesting/deep story.”

Atlus then asks what platforms players would like to play games from the Etrian Odyssey, Shin Megami Tensei and Persona franchises on, with platforms like the PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and mobile devices all included. One question also asked if the games from these franchises should be directly ported to other consoles, with the same individual devices above available to choose from.

Whilst this doesn’t prove that franchises like Persona will come to Xbox consoles, it shows that Atlus is looking to gauge player interest in the idea, meaning it could happen in the future.

Persona 4 Golden. Credit: Atlus.

Atlus also asks what platforms players would like to play a series of new Persona games on, including the likes of a new action RPG, “a completely new Persona 6”, a board game, an online RPG, card game and more. The same series of questions were then asked of Shin Megami Tensei.


Potential remakes and remasters were also floated to users, with Atlus surveying interest in remakes of the first four Persona games, Shin Megami Tensei 4 and an Etrian Odyssey series remake.

What users would want from these remakes was also asked, with options including “cheaply priced,” better graphics and controls, new elements to battles and even new story details.

The final question then leaves players with the opportunity to present Atlus with any comments or requests, as answers can be directly typed into a box.

In other news, another survey sent out to Elden Ring players has found that the Mimic Tear Ashes are most people’s favourite.