‘Back 4 Blood’ wasn’t supposed to spawn that many special enemies

A new update will reduce the number of specials

After weeks of chaos, new zombie survival game Back 4 Blood has gotten a reputation for being a bit tough – largely due to the game’s excessive number of special enemies.

But they won’t be troubling survivors for much longer.

The special Ridden have been turning up far too frequently – a lot more than developer Turtle Rock Studios had intended. Now, an upcoming patch will put that right.


“We found an issue where specials would frequently duplicate their spawn cards, compounding as players progressed through levels,” said the studio in its latest update. “This would often result in an unfair amount of specials overwhelming cleaner teams. In future patches, we are going to continue to dig into spawning issues to help further smooth out the experience.”

These special mini bosses show up randomly throughout Back 4 Blood’s levels alongside regular trash mobs. But especially on higher difficulties, towards the end of the campaign, special spawns can prove to be unmanageable.

Correcting the spawn card issue should help reduce the number of special Ridden which appear in Back 4 Blood from now on.

However, the upcoming patch doesn’t just fix the special spawn rate – there are a number of quality-of-life improvements, too.

The full patch notes reveal some interesting changes, including all cleaners being made available right away, as well as previous chapters unlocking if you unlock a later chapter first. There are also some major changes to enemy health and abilities, which should also help with special Ridden, on top of the change to how they spawn.


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