‘Back 4 Blood’s’ solo mode may get a progression overhaul

Solo mode may affect progression in the future

Turtle Rock is looking into making changes to Back 4 Blood‘s solo mode progression after negative feedback.

Back 4 Blood releases on October 12, but players who have pre-ordered at certain tiers can jump in and play already. One of the features in Back 4 Blood is that the entire story mode is available to play in an offline solo mode or online multiplayer with crossplay.

However, some players have complaints about the lack of progression in the game’s solo mode. Turtle Rock responded with a tweet saying, “We have heard your frustrations about progression in solo mode and are discussing ways to address the issue. Thank you for your patience and feedback at this time – we’ll have more news as we strategize on potential ways to make it happen.”


In regular online matches, players will earn a resource called supply after every completed level. Supply can be spent on cards that can be used in future attempts at levels. Cards will also help to overcome the higher difficulty modes. The cycle of gaining cards is the main loop of Back 4 Blood.

Players who wish to play solo with bots or those with unstable internet connections who cannot play online will not be able to experience this currently. Back 4 Blood’s solo mode has a separate deck and card system. All cards are unlocked from the start, and supply cannot be earned in solo runs.

This allows players to use solo mode to experiment with any combination of cards to find the perfect deck but removes most of the gameplay loop for those who enjoy the offline play. Those wanting to experience Back 4 Blood without the stress and pressure of matchmade teammates will have to wait before they can begin their card collection. For the time being, solo players can still be used to experience the story at a leisurely pace if needed.

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