‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ Patch 9 will add Paladins, Matthew Mercer, and better goblin throwing

The game's level cap will also be bumped up to five, allowing players to cast some powerful spells

Patch 9 for Baldur’s Gate 3 has been revealed, with developer Larian Studios detailing the addition of the long-awaited Paladin class, an increased level cap, and Matthew Mercer as the voice of returning character Minsc.

The update was detailed via Larian’s latest Panel From Hell livestream, which confirmed that Paladins will be playable with two subclasses – Oath Of The Ancients and Oath Of Devotion – from Patch 9.

“Paladins vary in their specific missions and ideals, but all Paladins have sworn an Oath to stand with goodness against the encroaching evils of the world,” says Larian. “Whether they’ve sworn an Oath Of Devotion, an Oath Of The Ancients, or an Oath of another kind, their ultimate goal is to uphold justice and righteousness above all else.”


However, Larian Studios has teased that a hidden third subclass will be available for Paladin players who forsake these oaths.

Across the board, the level cap for every class will be bumped up from four to five, and there will be a host of new scrolls and spells – including Fly – for players to find on their travels.

At level 5, many fan-favourite spells from Dungeons & Dragons are granted to spellcasting classes – including Counterspell, Animate Dead, and the ridiculously strong Fireball.

Elsewhere, Patch 9 will bring a revamped reactions system that will add more flexibility to players and enemies reacting to moves between their turns, along with some rebalanced combat encounters in the game’s first act and more Command spell variants.

This being Baldur’s Gate 3, the update’s patch notes also include some interesting gems – Patch 9 will make NPCs “better at deciding when to shove characters to their death,” and also improves “ogres’ ability to throw barrels with goblins in them.”


Finally, Larian has also confirmed that Matthew Mercer will be voicing Minsc, a returning character from prior Baldur’s Gate games.

Earlier in the month, Larian Studios shared a new trailer confirming an August 2023 release date for Baldur’s Gate 3.

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