‘Baldur’s Gate 3’ update allows players to live out their dreams as a Gnome Bard

The Gnomish are notoriously good on the lute

Baldur’s Gate 3 has released Patch #8, adding Dungeons & Dragons’ loveable gnome race to the game.

The addition of gnomes in the latest patch marks the first time a new race has been added to Baldur’s Gate 3 since it launched in Early Access.

Gnomes start with plus one to intelligence, along with the Gnome Cunning passive which grants them advantage on all intelligence, wisdom and charisma saving throws against magic.


Another major addition to this patch is the new Bard class. “Whether they’re spitting pithy one-liners on the frontlines of combat, or inspiring your party with instrumental buffs from the sidelines, Bards are a powerful class to have in your party – jack-of-all-trades who can cast powerful spells with just a melody, wield cutting insults as if they were weapons, and potentially kill a man with a pun about his scrotum.” reads the game’s latest community update.

The Bard class will have two subclasses, College of Valour and College of Lore. The former is a supportive subclass with ally-focused buffing spells. The latter is focused on debuffing enemies with biting insults.

Speaking of bards, four playable instruments have been added to Baldur’s Gate 3. With the performer feat at level 4, characters will now be able to play flutes, drums, lutes, lyres and violins. By playing to crowds, characters can earn gold or alternatively these performances can also be used to distract robbery targets.

This patch will also include some quality of life changes, like the new Swarm AI mechanic. In battle, this groups several enemies together in larger fights so they’ll take their turns simultaneously, speeding up some of the game’s sluggish fights.

The patch is rounded out with improvements to cinematics, expanded hairstyles and hair colours and finally, you can now go digging for buried treasure.


In other news, Diablo: Immortal has received its first patch and players are frustrated with what they’re received.

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