‘Baldur’s Gate’ devs make pre-patch announcement detailing Panel From Hell 2

And it's a save-breaking update again

Baldur’s Gate is getting a fourth patch very soon, which devs have addressed in a pre-patch announcement that also revealed details of Panel From Hell 2.

Following the success of 2020’s Panel From Hell event, Panel From Hell 2 will gather some of the industry’s biggest names under one virtual roof. Dungeons & Dragons’ Rule Designer Jeremy Crawford, Creative Director Swen Vincke, Nick Pechenin, and David Walgrave have been announced so far – with more to come.

The announcement also promises to elaborate on Baldur’s Gate 3 during the stream. The patch notes will be discussed, and were referred to by the devs as “the biggest patch note ever forged in the fiery pits of Larian”.


Panel From Hell 2 will allow fans of the Baldur’s Gate series to view new cinematics, catch up on the latest news regarding the development of the latest game, and delve into the new features included in patch number four.

Saves from previous Baldur’s Gate patches will not be compatible once the game has updated, with devs citing the “amount of changes” as making it impossible to carry them over. They have continued with the ‘branching’ system used before patch three, instructions for which are detailed within the announcement itself.

The devs close off their statement by appealing to fans for their patience, “We know that having to switch branches may be annoying, but this is part of early access. All the feedback we’ve been gathering from your adventures and posts will go right into these patches, so next time you play it’ll feel like an experience you’ve helped to create”

The announcement also confirmed that branching will not be available on the Stadia version of Baldur’s Gate 3 just yet.

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