‘Baldur’s Gate III’ to cost US$60 during early access

The early access will also launch with “funky Twitch integration”

Larian Studios has announced that the early access for Baldur’s Gate III will cost US$60 when it launches later this month.

The price of the highly anticipated game was revealed on Twitter by Michael Douse, Larian Studios’ director of publishing. The exec also teased the length of the early access, as well as the much longer final release, plus a new feature with streaming platform Twitch.

Douse revealed that the game will cost US$59.99 when it launches later this month, on September 30. However, he emphasised that fans shouldn’t “feel pressured to buy it during [early access]. It’s not going to disappear, and neither are we”. He also added that the early access release would take around 25 hours to complete, while noting that the final build of the game would be “a lot longer”.


The Larian Studios exec also announced that the early access release of Baldur’s Gate III will launch with “some funky Twitch integration” that will allow players to vote on “certain things”. He compared the feature to the developer’s showcase during the Panel From Hell in August.

Check out his tweets below.

During the Panel From Hell showcase in August, Larian Studios revealed that the early access version of Baldur’s Gate III would feature 80 combat encounters, 596 unique characters, 45,980 lines of dialogue and 146 spells or actions. It is currently unclear if the planned content has changed.

Earlier in June, Larian Studios debuted a nearly 90-minute presentation of Baldur’s Gate III at D&D Live 2020. The gameplay walkthrough showed off the game’s reworked combat system, which now draws more from both Dungeons And Dragons traditional and side initiative system.

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