‘Baldur’s Gate III’ will not enter early access in August, Larian Studios says

However, the new release date is “just around the corner”

Larian Studios has revealed that Baldur’s Gate III will miss its planned early access launch window of August.

The developer announced the delay on the official Baldur’s Gate III Twitter page. Larian Studios noted that the game “won’t hit August”, but did not that its early access release is “just around the corner”.

The company then stated that it will be announcing a new release date and other “big news” during a Panel From Hell showcase on August 18. The show will also feature video game journalist Geoff Keighley, Dungeons & Dragons senior story designer Chris Perkins, Larian Studios head Swen Vincke and more.


Check out the tweet below.

Larian Studios announced in June during the Guerrilla Collective presentation that it was aiming for Baldur’s Gate 3 to enter early access from as soon as August. The company did however express reservations, stating that this date might not be possible due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Swen Vincke, the head of Larian Studios, revealed that work on motion capturing for Baldur’s Gate III had begun again, after being been put on hold indefinitely due to the pandemic.

Last month, Larian Studios addressed fans in a community update on Steam in regards to the game’s progress. “We know you all want to know when we’ll release Baldur’s Gate III into early access but you’ll have to be a bit more patient before we can announce an exact date,” the company said. “The one thing we can tell you is that we are making good progress.”


Earlier this year, the game received an extended gameplay presentation, which looked at various changes the game had made, including the combat system, dialogue options and stealth mechanics.

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