‘Outpost’ shares detailed look at upcoming base-building shooter

Fight off hordes of enemies in 'Outpost'

Outpost is an upcoming first-person shooter with base-building elements from developers Team Ranger.

Outpost was previously revealed in a playtest trailer in April, but a fully-fledged trailer was released during The Future Games Show 2022. You can watch the trailer below:


The trailer depicted the player fighting off waves of enemies while defending a base. The game is set to feature heavy base-building mechanics so it’s no surprise that the trailer features footage of a squad defending a tower-like structure from multiple waves of enemies.

The Steam page for Outpost confirms that the game will feature online co-operate play. Additionally, it states that the gameplay will be composed of collecting resources, raising outposts and fighting off enemies. Outpost is also planned to have multiple game modes and feature battles “filled with random elements”, implying a level of procedural generation to keep the game feeling fresh.

Plot-wise, the player will be playing as an operative known as a ‘Collector’, soldiers who wield ‘Eclipse Rifles’ and are tasked with collecting resources from around the map to bring back to their base. It seems likely Outpost will feature a preparation phase where the player gathers resources to bolster the defences of their base followed by a ‘horde’ style phase where they will have to repel waves of enemies.

Outpost also appears to have environmental mechanics as the trailer ends with the player being crushed by a pillar which materialises suddenly in the air.

There is a three-week closed playtest currently ongoing for Outpost which began on June 10 so development is certainly well underway. However, there is no news of any potential release date currently.

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