update allows you to make friends anywhere in the world

Activision Blizzard has updated their application to allow users to access one single friend list, including friends from every separate region.

Patch notes for the launcher were spotted by users at Wowhead and show the new addition in the version 1.13.0 patch.

“Global Friends List. is a place for players to engage with their games and connect with each other. Now, we’re taking those connections global!”


Previously all friends on would be sorted by region as there was no cross-region play supported by Activision Blizzard titles. As such, connecting with friends from different regions was difficult and often required a separate account.

While cross-regional play is still not something Activision Blizzard appears to be moving towards, the unification of the regional friend list is a step forward in creating a more cohesive community.

China will not be included in the new global friend lists and will not be merged in any way with the rest of the regions.

“Starting June 8, 2021, your friends in Europe, Americas, and Asia will be merged into a global friends list.”

“You can chat, create groups, and see what your friends are playing–all in one place.”

This update is now live, and users should already see the change in their friend lists.


An investment group recently claimed that Activision Blizzard CEO is still being paid too much. After criticism was leveled against CEO Bobby Kotick earlier in the year, he agreed to take a pay cut of $875,000 per year. This is still being seen as not enough though, as CtW Investment Group claim that the changes do not significantly impact his salary in the long term.