‘Battlefield 1’ maintains record Steam player count following free weekend

The game is currently discounted by 88 per cent on Steam

Battlefield 1 has maintained its player count following a free weekend on Steam, which ended with an 88 per cent discount.

The free weekend came only a few days after EA announced Battlefield Portal, a crossover mode in Battlefield 2042 that features content from past games in the series.

At its peak, the free weekend had over 43,000 players, according to SteamDB which is an online portal that tracks Steam data. In the two days following the promotion, Battlefield 1 had a peak player count of 37,645 and 38,187 across Monday and Tuesday, respectively.


Prior to the free weekend, Battlefield 1’s peak player count was 15,954, which was set in July. On average, the game maintained a player count of around 10,000 people per day on Steam. The free weekend ended with an 88 per cent discount, which means the game currently costs £4.19.

Amazon Prime subscribers can download Battlefield 1 for free, alongside Battlefield V. The player count for Battlefield 1 on Steam will not include those playing via Origin thanks to Amazon Prime, meaning that high number is from Steam players alone.

In comparison, Battlefield 3 at the time of writing has only 75 players on SteamDB, while Battlefield 4 has 2,206 and Battlefield V has 10,676. That means Battlefield 1 has more than double the Steam player count of the previous three titles in the series.

EA announced the next entry in the series earlier this year, revealing Battlefield 2042. Set in the near-future, Battlefield 2042 will feature three core multiplayer modes and no single-player story. Maps will feature extreme weather and natural disasters which affect moment-to-moment multiplayer combat.


In other gaming news, players will help shape Halo Infinite during this weekend’s technical beta. The beta, which starts tomorrow, will see players take part in specific gameplay scenarios designed to give developer 343 Industries valuable feedback.

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