‘Battlefield 2042’ adds winter-themed Santa vs elves mode

These elves are firmly on the naughty list

EA Dice has updated Battlefield 2042 with a new festive playlist that sees hordes of elves try to take down a team of Santas.

Two new modes have been added to the featured section of Portal within Battlefield 2042. One is the new 1942 vs 2042 conquest mode. The other is Attack of the Elves.

In Attack of the Elves, players will either join team Santa or Team elves in a 32 player match. The description on the Battlefield Portal page says, “The elves fell into a tank of special eggnog and are not themselves, in fact they’ve become quite vile and are threatening the seasonal festivities!”


The elves team are armed with grappling hooks that allow them to approach team Santa quickly and lollipops to melee attack with. Team Santa has the festively reskinned LCMG light machinegun but can only fire front the hip and cannot aim down sights.

Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

Rounds play out as an infection match, where the Santa team can win by eliminating 50 elves, and the elves can win by defeating all the “Festive fighters.” Once a Santa is beaten, they join the elves team.

Players who log into Battlefield 2042 during the event will receive two items. One is a festive snowman icon, and the other is an image for their player card. The event is live until January 6 2022.

Previously, Battlefield 2042 fans were upset to see a Santa skin coming to the game. Many complained that it wasn’t in the style of the game’s world and shouldn’t be included. Dice reassured fans that it would be a part of an upcoming event and not appear in regular matches. It seems that this was the event in question.


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