‘Battlefield 2042’ beta codes are reportedly going out to Amazon pre-orders

Love is a Beta-field

Codes providing access to EA DICE’s upcoming shooter Battlefield 2042 may be arriving for players who pre-ordered the game through Amazon.

Per reports on Reddit (as spotted by GamesRadar), some players who placed their orders for the game with the online retail giant have started receiving emails with access codes. This is fuelling speculation that Battlefield 2042’s online beta will be appearing sooner than expected, as one poster claims the Amazon product listing says “Codes will be sent within 24 hours of early access start date”.

However, at time of writing, neither the Amazon UK nor Amazon US listing seems to include that phrasing anywhere in their product descriptions. On September 2, an accidental listing on Italian site Media World suggested that the beta would go live the following week, but nothing materialised.


Instead, the main game itself has been delayed until November 2021, with rumours that the open beta will be arriving a month earlier, in October 2021. Neither are ideal for fans of EA’s military shooter series, but far better than earlier rumours the game would be pushed back to 2022.

There also doesn’t appear to be any sign of users who’ve received beta codes being able to install anything yet, only redeem it to their accounts. If the beta does arrive in October, then any codes turning up now could simply be Amazon ensuring they’re received in plenty of time. Still, anyone who has pre-ordered the game from Amazon might want to check their email folders to see if they’ve lucked into receiving a beta code already.

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