‘Battlefield 2042’ cheat sellers are quitting due to performance issues

Lack of demand is a significant factor too

A cheat distributor has announced it is stopping selling Battlefield 2042 hacks due to issues with the game’s performance.

First spotted by well-known industry insider, Tom Henderson, the unnamed cheat provider is suspending its services due to performance issues.

Henderson tweeted a screenshot of the company’s Discord channel.


The tweet explains that the reason for doing so is due to “the ongoing performance issue of the game”. It goes on to explain that it “affects the cheat”. The message adds that “most people” don’t use it any more “since the game is dying”.

NME has followed up this tweet and while the comment in question has been deleted by the cheat provider, there are no longer any Battlefield 2042 cheats available to buy on its website.

Anecdotally, someone replied to the tweet stating that a “couple of providers” had also stopped support due to a lack of user base.

While such news means that Battlefield 2042 players should encounter fewer cheats and hackers, it’s might not be good news for the game.

Battlefield 2042 bad reviews
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA.


According to SteamDB, Battlefield 2042 has a 24-hour peak of a mere 8,130 players. That’s far fewer players than Battlefield V which had a 24-peak of 19,483. It’s a far cry from its all-time peak two months ago of over 105,000 players.

While some players may be enjoying the game via Origin or consoles, it’s been a tough time for EA DICE‘s multiplayer shooter.

Last week, the moderators of the Battlefield 2042 subreddit threatened to shut the board down due to developer harassment. The news followed a since deleted tweet by EA global communications director, Andy McNamara, who pleaded that “people gotta rest” over the holiday period. It led to some significant backlash on the subreddit.

Recent news that the popular throwback Rush mode would be removed from the game further didn’t help matters.

Elsewhere, Capcom has admitted that Monster Hunter Rise is missing lots of DLC on the PC for now.

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