‘Battlefield 2042’ could return to 64 player matches

“Right now, we feel that Breakthrough on 64 players provides the best experience of Breakthrough”

DICE has released a lengthy blog post covering the Battlefield 2042 feedback it has received from players and how it intends to improve the experience.

The blog post provided by DICE lists several critical points that the team is addressing. First is traversal, with the developer identifying that players have complained about the time it takes to move from one capture flag point to the next.

DICE says that this results from the move to 128 player maps, combined with the most extensive maps it ever created. To fix this, the travel time between flags and base spawns will be reduced, as many are being relocated.


Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

The second issue listed is intensity. Many Battlefield 2042 players have found that specific capture points, specifically in the Breakthrough mode, can become too chaotic. DICE suggests that this is because of the increase to 128 players alongside the number of vehicles involved in these flights.

The developer said that it is currently assessing whether it makes sense to keep Breakthrough at 128 players or reduce the number down to 64. The number of vehicles that can be spawned may also decrease. “Right now, we feel that Breakthrough on 64 players provides the best experience of Breakthrough,” the post reads.

The reworks to the maps will continue with changes to both lines of sight and cover. For the former, players often notice that fights in Battlefield 2042 occur at long ranges as teams engage each other from separate flag locations. This is more prominent thanks to the open and flat space between objectives. There are plans to improve this and introduce more cover in the dead space between locations. “Our intent is to reduce the likelihood of being fired at from a 360-degree angle, and to take away that Hail Mary feeling of running onto no man’s land between objectives,” said DICE.

DICE has also asked for player feedback on these upcoming changes and provided more details in the blog post.


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