‘Battlefield 2042’ developer outlines roadmap for future updates

Scoreboard refresh, general fixes, and more

The Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account has outlined what we can expect in future updates of Battlefield 2042.

The thread starts with update 3.2, which is scheduled to go live tomorrow (January 20), and will focus on “small fixes and improvements to the game focused around stability.” A complete set of update notes will be available later today.

XP changes in the Portal are also coming with the update, with the thread saying “we’ve got more changes set to go live with Update 3.2 tomorrow that will enable more servers and game types to progress on Mastery and Weekly Missions.”


The following update, 3.3, seems to be a bigger one, arriving in mid to late February. The update “features a refreshed Scoreboard, alongside further changes that have been in the works since [Dice] returned after the Holidays.” The scoreboard refresh will update the look of the current scoreboard UI, with thread giving us a look at the work in progress UI.

“Scoreboard will receive further updates beyond this refresh – this isn’t a one and done deal for us,” continues the thread. “Expect to see us iterate on this further once it’s live in game, and we look forward to your feedback once this new Scoreboard goes live in February.”

Also currently planned for future Battlefield 2042 updates are matchmaking preferences in All-Out Warfare, and All Platform VOIP. “These are both still on our radar. No updates on these two today but we wanted to reassure you all that these are still front of mind and we’ll have more to show and share on these topics further down the line.”

Lastly, the thread also commented on Battlefield 2042 performance issues. “Our teams continue to analyse the data available to us, and develop further optimisations that enable the game to make best use of your hardware. In every update, we’ll be delivering changes big and small that aim to tackle the issues and improve your experience.”


In other news, Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel got a surprise release earlier today, a free-to-play take on the TCG that has cross-platform play and progression.