‘Battlefield 2042’ disables Prox Sensor to address widespread lag issues

However, disabling the throwable has caused an "unintended consequence"

EA has disabled the Prox Sensor in Battlefield 2042, stating that the throwable gadget may be responsible for the shooter’s notorious rubber-banding issues.

As reported by the Battlefield Direct Communnication Twitter account (thanks, PC Gamer), the Prox Sensor was initially disabled on November 16. The post says that the Prox Sensor was only meant to be disabled for two hours “to aid us with our investigations on the rubber banding issue”.

Later in the day, the same account confirmed that “we are going to sustain this temporary change and keep the Prox Sensor inactive for the time being”.


“Our investigations have shown that this change is helping to improve server performance,” reads the follow-up post.

From the looks of it, EA believes that the Prox Sensor is causing – or at least contributing – to the constant rubber-banding that’s plaguing Battlefield 2042 servers in the Conquest and Breakthrough modes.

Rubber-banding is a symptom of server-side lag that causes players to frequently jump back to the position they were in several seconds ago. While being frequently displaced is disruptive enough, it also means that bullets and missiles can have a hard time hitting anything. On the Battlefield 2042 Reddit, one player demonstrates rubber-banding in action, showing how it can prove lethal for pilots.

Unfortunately, even disabling the Prox Sensor has caused an “unintended consequence”. Once again acknowledged by Battlefield Direct Communication, players are now experiencing selected throwables to display incorrectly on the deploy screen.

Earlier in the week, Nvidia released a new driver aimed specifically at improving Battlefield 2042 performance – though it doesn’t seem to do much.


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