‘Battlefield 2042’ is adding a Santa skin and gamers are upset

"So this is seriously in the game then? This isn't a meme?"

EA DICE has revealed that Battlefield 2042 will be getting a new Santa skin this winter, but players don’t approve.

As reported by Eurogamer, the latest update that was pushed out today (December 2) for the shooter seems to have included several cosmetic items that were accidentally revealed too early.

The items in question, which include vehicles and weapon skins and character skins, are supposedly meant for upcoming weekly missions rewards. One item that a lot of players have commented on is the Legendary Father Winter skin for the specialist Pyotr Boris Guskovsky.


The image shows that Guskovsky wears a hooded coat in the style of Santa Claus, giving the character a Christmas-themed look. However, Battlefield 2042 players aren’t happy.

“So this is seriously in the game then? This isn’t a meme?” one Redditor said. “Dice expects me to be able to take the game seriously with literal Santa Claus running around shooting people in what’s supposed to be a world where billions are displaced, natural disasters are destroying the planet, and there’s about to be a massive world proxy war. And we’re supposed to take all that into account with Santa fucking Claus running around on the battlefield.”

Another player said on the Battlefield 2042 subreddit, “This can’t be fucking real,” while many more players are criticising EA DICE for even implementing new skins instead of fixing the game.

According to games journalist, Tom Henderson on twitter in response to the images circulating: “Fun fact – These skins were in the March 2021 QA feedback sessions, in which everyone voted them down. Good to know that those sessions were pointless.”


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