‘Battlefield 2042’ launch marred by thousands of negative Steam reviews

One player has called 'Battlefield 2042' a "broken mess" in its current state

While Battlefield 2042 has only launched for all versions today (November 19), it’s already received thousands of negative Steam reviews from players who are unhappy with several elements of the game.

A quick look at the Steam reviews of Battlefield 2042 suggest that the community is not happy with the shooter’s current state. The game’s reception has been marked by ‘Mostly Negative’ by Steam, which – at time of writing – is because only “21 per cent of the 6,763 user reviews for this game are positive”.

This doesn’t account for all of Battlefield 2042‘s reviews, some of which have been flagged as low-quality. There are a total of over 8,000 reviews – and 6500 of them are negative.


The top review warns players to “not buy Battlefield 2042“, and lists many features that are reportedly missing from the game.

Another calls Battlefield 2042 a “broken mess” and a “huge letdown”, then goes on to repeat claims that other members of the community have raised surrounding ongoing server lag and rubber-banding problems. On EA‘s end, the studio has disabled the Prox Sensor gadget in an effort to reduce rubber-banding.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA DICE

Several other issues have been highlighted by reviews. These include reports of poor optimisation, EA’s decision to remove classes, and a limited amount of weapons available at launch. There’s also a considerable amount of negative feedback surrounding Battlefield 2042‘s weapon bloom, though developers have said it’s already being changed.

While several negative reviews do praise Battlefield 2042‘s Portal mode – which combines gameplay from several previous Battlefield titles – it’s counteracted by newer maps that many feel are too empty.

EA has recently released a “small update” that aims to address “critical issues”, though notes that another two patches are scheduled to arrive “over the next 30 days”.


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