‘Battlefield 2042’ player discovers a way to bunny hop into combat

Tactical bunny, deployed!

One player has discovered a way to rapidly jump across Battlefield 2042‘s beta only a couple of days after it became public.

Dice’s beta for Battlefield 2042 has entered its open beta with early access for those who pre-ordered starting on October 6. However, as first spotted by PCGamer, some players are already finding exploits. Apex Legends and Titanfall streamer Mokeysniper was streaming the beta when he showed how to bunnyhop in the new game.

Bunnyhopping is a longtime mechanic and exploit of shooting games and allows players to hit the ground as briefly as possible between jumps while maintaining momentum. This can provide players with higher movement speeds than usual and make players harder to hit, especially in the head.


Monkeysniper achieved the manoeuvre in the Battlefield 2042 beta by using the grappling hook. The new gadget is usually used to access hard-to-reach places quickly but can build speed before a quick jump. If done right, players can then keep moving at near grapple speed by jumping at the right time.

It is unknown if Dice will keep the exploit in the full release of Battlefield 2042. The full game will contain more movement abilities than previous entries in the series. These include the grapple gun and wingsuit. However, it could be that the bunny hop isn’t in keeping with the games relatively grounded military theme.

The version that is available for players is a months-old build of Battlefield 2042, according to Dice. However, they say that a lot of progress has been made since then.

“We want you all to know that in these final few weeks leading to launch, we’re making huge strides and are super focused on delivering an amazing experience when early access begins on November 12,” said a developer on Twitter.


In other news, Biomutant has joined PlayStation’s new game trials, allowing players to try the game for free.